Our goal is to give a little relief to parents who need to return to work while their children are required to learn from home, in addition to giving children some sense of normalcy and structure in their day and with their learning.
     We hope that this will allow students to start a somewhat more structured school year, one which they can maintain beyond the few months, if needed, independently. We also hope this will give parents time, if it should be necessary, to make alternative arrangements for their students' remote learning after the holidays.
     *We are able to commit to operating until Christmas. We will re-evaluate at a later date to see what options we might be able to offer in the new year, once our competition season is underway.
     We understand that what we are able to offer may not fit the needs of everyone interested. We apologize, but need to be able to do what we can while still maintaining a quality business and a strict cleaning regimen.
  1. Please follow your district's calendar for scheduled days off.
  2. We will re-evaluate on Dec. 1 as to whether to continue into the new year. 
  3. Our purpose will be to facilitate a learning environment and help students, when needed. Their classroom teachers will be providing instruction.
  4. We will provide internet, however, students are free to bring their own hot spots.
  5. We have space for up to 16 students per day. A minimum of eight students are required in order for this program to be held.
  6. Students should be comfortable and adept at signing in to their online classroom prior to the first day at Perfect 10.
  7. Students should bring devices fully-charged.
  8. Week one's "tuition" is due at time of registration.
  9. Each Friday, tuition for the following week is due.
  10. Parents may select specific days for student attendance, however, due to limited space, any day selected will be charged tuition.
  11. Students should bring a lunch, drink, & snack. There is a vending machine on site.
  12. When their schedules permit, students will be given time for "phys ed" breaks.
  14. (724) 318-8498. NO REGISTRATION WILL BE TAKEN VIA FACEBOOK, MESSENGER, OR EMAIL. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


*Drop-off & pick-up no more than 30 minutes prior/following school day.

AUG. 31 - DEC. 22, 2020

scheduled holidays
Act 80 Days
in-service days
*follow your school calendar

$30/day ($4/hr.)
$50/day for 2 siblings

1.  Students will be stationed 6' apart with a privacy shield at each station.
2.  Masks must be worn upon entering/exiting the building. Once at their stations, masks can be removed as long as parents sign a waiver.
3. Learning areas & gym space will be sanitized daily.
4. Water fountains can be used for bottle refills only.
5. Students will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently.