Class Descriptions

Gymnastics: Gymnastic classes will build strength, coordination, and flexibility. Most importantly, confidence will grow as children acquire skills on vault, bars, beam, and floor.  Each class will meet for 1hr and 15mins, allowing ample time to stretch and rotate to each apparatus.  Children will be placed in classes based on their age and skill level.

 PreschoolPreschoolers new to the sport of gymnastics will have fun learning new skills, making new friends, learning how to listen to someone other than mommy or daddy, while participating on each apparatus.  This class is for those ages 3-5.    

Tramp for Tots: This half-hour class is the perfect introductory class or a great addition to a gymnastics class. It focuses on cardio, coordination, and introduces the child to bars, beam, and tumbling. Tramp for Tots is for 2 and 3-year-olds. They will love it!


 White Ribbon: No gymnastics experience required!  Children will learn terminology, gain experience on all equipment, and work on fundamentals. Strength, form, and flexibility will be emphasized.

 Red Ribbon: Prior gymnastics experience required.  Gymnasts must demonstrate proficiency in required basic skills, such as cartwheels, front and back rolls, squat-on vault, and jumps on the high beam.  Form, strength, and flexibility will continue to be emphasized. 

 Blue Ribbon : This class is by invitation only.  Gymnasts will continue mastering fundamentals, working more advanced skills, gaining confidence, and working more independently.   See Heather or Missy for evaluation.

Tumbling: Perfect for cheerleaders, hopefuls, or those interested only in floor skills. These classes will focus on building skills and strength required to tumble.   

         Beginner tumbling will be offered for children ages 6 to 10. This class is for those new to the sport of gymnastics. The focus will be on cartwheels, back bends, handstands, strength, and flexibility.

       Intermediate tumbling will be offered for those proficient in basic skills, such as cartwheel, bridge, and handstand.

       Advanced tumbling will be offered for children 6 and up who have a  round-off back handspring.

 Classes for Boys :

     Boys Gymnastics: For boys 7-11. This class focuses on more developed skills, incorporates more equipment and terminology, and previous experience is necessary.

     Ninja Zone: For boys 3-11. A combination of martial arts, gymnastics, and Parkour. All the fun without the weapons and worry. 

 Team: Our team members will be selected by the coaching staff, based on skill level, strength, flexibility, coordination, execution, and work ethic.  Team members are expected to compete, participate in team events, and represent Perfect 10 Gymnastics in a positive light.  Team sportsmanship is a must! Team members compete Levels 3-10, as well as Xcel, through USA Gymnastics.






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